Let's Learn About Road Safety

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Teach children about road safety through play!

Suitable for children with autism, ADHD, language delay, ASD, and GDD

Happy-Go-Buddy developed this kit in consultation with an early childhood educator, a speech and language therapist, and an occupational therapist. The materials are designed to facilitate play-based learning for children with different abilities. The approach we used is inspired by the Nurturing Early Learner’s (NEL) framework developed by the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

The best way to experience this multi-sensory play kit and how they work together is by following the activities in this manual, at least, initially. Thereafter, please feel free to be creative in how you use the toys. Choose the activities and toys that are suitable for children’s developmental level instead of age. 

This kit also provides an open-ended experience so children can play at their own pace to express their creativity and imagination.

The activities aim to expose and create opportunities to develop skills and learn concepts in the following different developmental areas.

This kit includes:

- A guide for adults: 17 activities with varying levels of difficulty for developmental areas.
- A silicone placemat (30x40cm)
- 4 types of toy vehicles
- 2 figurines
- 3 types of road signs, and cones
- Picture cards
- Twigs and stones
- (option): 3 types of scented, taste-safe and gluten-free dough, and cookie cutter