Place 'N Play Silicone Placemat

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Material: food-grade silicone

Size: 40*30*0.1cm

Base colour: Warm grey

Dining together as a family is a bittersweet affair. Eating together is such an important family affair and yet, it can also be a messy, frustrating and exhausting experience for parents of young children.

Happy-Go-Buddy is created based on an imaginative and playful experience that takes place during mealtimes. This multi-purpose silicone placemat provides an open-ended play experience to keep children engaged during mealtime, while waiting for doctor’s appointments, eating out, or travelling. It is easy to clean and roll up, ready to pack and go to keep the little ones entertained while parents catch a breather.

The streets are lined up when more than one mat is placed next to each other. This provides a larger city map even for a group play. It is also perfect as a mat for playing with dough, stickers and any loose parts that children want to introduce to their city.