Little Nyonya's Kueh Making Dough Kit

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What is Kueh?

Kueh (or kuih) are bite-sized traditional steamed-rice snacks loved by young and old in Singapore and the region. They can be either sweet and savoury. 

Food has cultural and historical significance. We developed this kit to teach our children about the origins of kueh, and why they are named in different languages. The 7 activity cards use visual thinking strategy to identify motifs and shapes that carry cultural meanings.   

This kit includes:

- 3 types of scented dough (coconut, pandan and peanut)
- 1 ang ku kueh mould
- 1 jem tart mould
- 1 dough cutter
- 2 green foam sheets (as banana leaves to put your kueh on)
- a bamboo woven basket