Sensory Play for All

Every child learns in their own ways due to differences in learning styles and abilities. Happy-Go-Buddy (HGB) designs sensory play kits that support learning through play based on Universal Design of Learning principles. We co-create with individuals and communities from different backgrounds and of different abilities to better understand a broad range of needs so we can create products that are accessible.
Each sensory play kit provides an open-ended experience so children can play at their own pace to express their creativity and imagination. The activities also aim to expose and create the opportunities to develop skills and learn concepts in different developmental areas such as motor skills development, language and literacy, numeracy, social and emotional development, discovery of the world, and aesthetic and creative expression. This approach is inspired by the Nurturing Early Learner’s (NEL) framework developed by the Ministry of Education, Singapore.
There are 3 objectives that we want to achieve through Happy-Go-Buddy:

Sensory play is open-ended and inviting. It gives children plenty of rooms to explore using their senses, imagine and pretend. Children usually engage in sensory play for long stretches so parents can also catch a break during this time.
Gentle Learning Experience: We encourage children to learn at their own pace. It caters to children and individuals at different levels of learning skill. Parents can guide their children to practise doing an activity repeatedly to develop their linguistic and motor skills progressively over time.
Affordable & Reusable
Affordable and reusable: We understand the cost of raising many children in a family. We design Happy-Go-Buddy to be played by more than 1 person so children can interact with one another. Playing in group also develops another level of learning and social skills.